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April 29 2017

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Iris is a singer from California who falls in love with her neighbor. The two are separated when the neighbor falls into the ocean and loses her memory. However, Iris manages to rescue the situation by telling an inspiring story.
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Dov is a killer fueled by grief, who murders doctors and posts their heads to their friends. Sergeant Ahern, a student from Cornwall, knows she has to stop him. Eventually, the killer hands himself in, knowing it's only a matter of time before Ahern closes in, and citizens are safe once again.
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In a world where apes are rude and reckless, one lord has no choice but to release a pop song using an infinate stabler. It turns out they're all just action figures.

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Eldon is a Queen from Ohio who falls in love with her best friend. The two are separated when the best friend goes away to war. Eldon remembers that she actually killed her best friend ten years previous.
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A nurse from Scotland is delighted when she gets the chance to take part in the final of a baking competition. However, her chances are scuppered when she finds out her arch rival is also going to compete. Unexpectedly, the nurse is bitten by a zombie and therefore is disqualified from competing.

It would suck to be bitten by a zombie.
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Feet in the hammock.
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Cathryn is a killer fuelled by greed, who murders teachers and shaves them. Doctor Califra, a student from Scotland, knows she has to stop her. It turns out the entire plot has been in Califra's imagination.
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Missing some buttons
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Peeking around the door
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Butt, seriously.
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Kneeling on the couch
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Long hair
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Bored against a wall.
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Nude by the window
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Cold in the shower
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Lying in wait
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Have sunglasses, will travel.
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Seems satisfied
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Relax in the bath
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Standing by the window
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